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Using a VPN is legal in democratic countries. Some countries block VPNs, and in authoritarian states, it could even lead to jail time. But is it legal to use a VPN for crypto trading? Here’s our verdict. 

VPNs can help secure your crypto trading by securing your data traffic against hackers and hiding your IP address (digital identity). However, the legality of using one for crypto trading depends on the crypto market.

Why do some crypto platforms block VPNs? 

  1. Some crypto markets block VPNs for transparency reasons and require official proof of identity upon registering an account.
  2. Other crypto markets aren’t licensed in certain countries, so they ban VPNs as they can be used to overcome geographical restrictions and break copyright laws.

Note: Always check the terms of service of the crypto marketplace, as your account could get banned, and you could lose your funds. 

Where are VPNs illegal or restricted?

Below is a list of countries where VPNs are illegal or partly illegal.

  • Turkey: VPNs are restricted in Turkey and may be blocked, but you can still access some VPN sites from Turkey.
  • Russia: Most VPNs are blocked due to the government’s policy on collecting user information and VPNs potentially allowing citizens to access “restricted content.”
  • China: Most VPNs are blocked since they could potentially allow Chinese citizens to access government blocked websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Belarus: VPNs and the Tor network have been illegal since 2015. The volatile political situation in Belarus could mean anyone caught using a VPN could face severe consequences.
  • VPNs are completely banned in the UAE, Oman, Iraq, Turkmenistan, and North Korea. Click here for more depth into legal issues around using VPNs.

Note: Although it is legal to use a VPN in democratic countries, it is still against the law to use it for illegal activities, like downloading copyrighted content.

How to choose a safe VPN for crypto

The right VPN will give you an extra layer of privacy and security. Look out for the following features if you want the safest VPN for crypto trading.

1. Double VPN

VPNs work by routing your traffic through encrypted, independently owned servers. A Double VPN feature routes …….


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